This is different. Shouldn't there be a picture of city skyline, a close-up of some marble pillars, or a gavel here? Apparently that's another thing About Us that challenges all the stereotypes of the legal profession. Of course, it might also be the fact that we refuse to box ourselves into defined Practice Areas, and that we believe that being efficient keeps both our clients and our attorneys happy. It makes perfect sense to us that your estate planner should also be involved in your family law matter, or your business lawyer be able to help you with your trademark and patent questions. We believe that The Difference between how we practice law and how other firms do it will lead to genuinely better results. We think you'll agree. Contact Us and see if we are, like we say we are, A Law Firm Like No Other.


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06.09.2010  One of these is not like the other- Chapter 13 v Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 requires a repayment plan but allows debtors to retain more assets

06.09.2010  Considering bankruptcy? Make the right choice.

Chapter 7 from filing to discharge

06.07.2010  Happy Anniversary, to us!

Le + Pelletier, LLP is proud to commemorate our second anniversary!